01. Shadows   (723kb mp3)
02. Candle Light (419kb Real Audio)
03. Say Goodbye (738 kb Real Audio)
04. Will You Save It For Me (725 kb mp3)
05. Someone You Love (620 kb Real Audio)
06. I Miss You
07. Few More Minutes
08. Holding You ( 723kb Real Audio)
09. Tomorrow   (1,016 kb mp3)
10. So Long (561kb Real Audio)
11. Shattered Moon (1,120 kb mp3)
12. Getaway (649kb Real Audio)

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Will You Save It For Me

Live performance at the Discovery Theatre -
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.



Live performance at the Discovery Theatre -
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.




"Your CD has been the only one in my car CD player for weeks now! I've played it over and over..."

Attorney, Musician, Fan

"Looking forward to seeing you at all the performances you have scheduled. I have played your CD daily. I wake up to it in the morning (my alarm)and it's the only music that plays in my car. Did I mention I really like your music?!!! "



Five Stars - "As a long-time fan of Kim Acuna, I eagerly awaited the release of her debut CD, Shadows. Now that it's here, I am not disappointed. It's excellent. Kim has a deep, rich voice that is highlighted not only by her thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics but by her beautiful and rhythmic guitar playing. My favorite tracks include "Few More Minutes," "Tomorrow," "Will You Save It For Me" and "Shattered Moon." This is a definite must buy for anyone who enjoys good music. "

Amazon.com Customer Reviewer


"... such a beautiful voice, good lyrics and very well engineered. I am eager to introduce my friends to your style. I enjoyed Shadows so much that I purchased another copy."



"...I am really hooked on "Someone you Love". I play that often and have directed others to it. I have been enjoying listening to Shadows and have been playing it on the radio.Other broadcasters have been airing your CD as well and there have been alot of calls about your cd. The ears are opening up!..."

Cheri Snook,
KVMR Radio

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