March 2008

A new way to buy the album Shadows. We are now using CD Baby for internet sales so you can be confident that your purchases are secure. You can access it through the Shopping page or the above link.

New! Music videos on The Music page, at You Tube, and on My Space. Check em' out!

Exciting changes that I am eager to share so please peek at the calendar for upcoming dates!


February 2008

I Look forward to getting back out on the road playing and sharing my new material. Most of all I want to visit my friends and fans!

In the mean time best wishes and be well!


The Art of Performance - An Interactive Workshop

January 2007

This course has been on the back burner for quite some time. Thanks to the encouragement of my mentor Michael More and my close friends it is now a living breathing workshop. I am very excited to pass on the gift that has been passed to me. The art of being in the moment, learning to interpret my music in ways that keep it fresh and flowing, and keeping it alive and exciting.

Check out the course description by clicking here - The Art of Performance

Watch the calendar for workshops in your area. Email or call for more information or to book a course in your community.



Watch the Calendar for continuing updates.

See you soon!

Kim Acuna delivers energetic show
CD RELEASE: The local singer made her audience feel welcome.

Daily News music reviewer

(Published: February 4, 2003)

Free MP3 Song Download! For a limited time you can download songs from Kim's new CD "Shadows"!

From the rockin' title cut "Shadows" (3.18 meg) to the romantic "Candle Light" (3.67meg) download your free copy today. Share with your friends, rock out at the gym, background music for your romantic dinner...

How about a House Concert? At your house?

How many of your friends could you pack into your house for an intimate night of music?

Now booking California, Washington State and Oregon.

Call or email for booking information.



Pacific Northwest Tour, Part 1:

I am back, and I survived. I had a great time in the "Lower 48" meeting folks, making many new friends, and singing my heart out.

I was too tired to keep any kind of diary, not that I'm any good at that sort of thing, but so much transpired in so little time it was almost a blur.

While playing at the Tractor Tavern I had the good fortune to run into a film maker with a digital camera in hand. She filmed my set and I think we got some good footage. I have to say the camera really does add 10lbs. Most importantly we got a good take of The Therapy song, woo-hoo! So, we will have a video and the music. I have to take it to a video editor who knows what they are doing to get it all professional like and then do some tweaking to the audio and we may have ourselves a good cut of the "Work of Therapy". For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, this is my most requested song and it's all about... you guessed it, Therapy.

I will announce it's release.

In other news, I am going back down to Seattle on June 26th for a long weekend with a performance at Seattle Pridefest and the Whidbey Island live webcast, Testing Testing (see the calendar for details). I am booking WA, OR, and CA for January-March 2004, so look for info on this as well.

Have a happy and safe summer, wear sunscreen, and I will see you at the festivals!


My debut CD "Shadows" is now available in Alaska stores, Pacific Northwest stores, online at and most importantly on Kim's site on the Shopping page.  
Sold Out! The Collector's Edition signed and numbered CD's are all gone! Thank you all so much for your support. All 100 CD's were gone within a week and a half of their release. Now that's cool. Don't stop now, though - the full release CD's are in, come and get em'!

Did you hear that Kippy and Lisa bid $1,000.00 for number 1 of 100 signed and numbered Collector's Edition CD's of Kim Acuna's Shadows?! The auction proceeds benefit the Alaska Women's Music Festival. Shelly, the Auctioneer was fantastic! She worked the crowd to a froth for a good 20 minutes - it was very exciting. Headliner, Laura Love, quietly stood on the stage as the bidding escalated. She was a good sport and made many comments about selling her CD's for "$999.00".

When you see the "High Rollers", please thank for their support!

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