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".... So this is what acoustic pop is supposed to sound like. Kim's writing is incisive and thought provoking, her guitar playing grooving and rhythmic, and her singing is all at once dead-on and go for broke. Pack a dress and a toothbrush, Kim, you won't be home much once this album gets heard..."

Vance Gilbert
Philo Records


"You can always hear the passion in good music... the CD 'Shadows' has it!
This is an album I can take in to my weekly music meeting and have it compete with the major record label releases for space in our rotation."

Loren Dixon
Program Director KNBA 90.3fm


"Production/Musicianship Grade: 9 out of 10.
There is talent here. Lots of it. Top-notch musicianship, high production value, and an organic live performance feel (on the CD Shadows)... This alternative, pop-rock, bluesy, jazzy kind of music sounds like Joan Armatrading/Tracy Chapman/Dave Mathews, with nice melodies and musical arrangements that Kim is good at doing."

Gian Fiero
Associate Music Reviewer, MusesMuse


"Shadows" is packed with creative guitar lines and upbeat inspirational music. Acuna's music has the feel of Melissa Etheridge and Natalie Merchant, her voice is beautiful and the music is edgy. Acuna's songs have lots of energy and the album is upbeat and powerful."
Justin Braxton-Brown
Anchorage Daily News

"An accomplished, rhythmic player with a voice like fine cashmere, the songs from Kim Acuna's newest release showcase a rare talent. The lyrics settle into the heart as easily as the beat trickles down to your dancing shoes."

Peggy Monaghan
Arctic Siren Records


" Kim's strong rhythms propel her songs beyond the sedate shores of many of her finger-picking peers. "

Mike McCormick, Promoter
Whistling Swan Productions


"Kim's music is head and shoulders above the local music I receive for my show."

Matt Hopper
Music Director KNBA 90.3




"The voice grabbed me right away. Gutsy and sweet at the same time. Kim Acuna can growl on one breath and sigh on the next.
Her lyrics are real and unpretentious, simply talking to people, facing them head-on, saying bluntly what needs to be said to clear the air.
Shadows is an appropriate title for a CD that explores feelings, moods, fears, and relationships in all shades of gray while using all the nuances possible in music. And of course, some really cool guitar sounds. Guitarists should definitely check this out." Read the entire review

Jennifer Layton


Kim Acuna delivers energetic show
CD RELEASE: The local singer made her audience feel welcome.

"...Acuna took control the minute she began to sing. Her breathy voice filled the theater, rising and falling in earthy rhythms. Opening with "Shattered Moon," she painted the mood of a small, intimate cafe, the type of place you go when you're on the verge of falling  in or out of love, and all around you lurks an air of stranded anticipation..." Read the entire review 

Cinthia Ritchie
Anchorage Daily News music reviewer


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